Buy Uber Ipo

Nintendo wood
Apr 26 7 Comments

Where can I buy Uber IPO? Schwab doesn't sell IPO. Fidelity doesn't allow me cos it thinks I am not rich enough to buy any IPO, don't meet their minimum account worth.
I am serious, no trolling please


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  • Palo Alto Networks KTkC88
    You can just venmo me and I'll give you any profit if it goes up and you want to sell.
    Apr 26 1
    • Dude, which part of “no trolls” you did not understand?
      Apr 26
  • Facebook public2
    You answered your own question. Brokers reserve Ipos for their top customers. They usually offer them via email and do reminders at the quarterly parties. The average Joe rarely gets access to an ipo pre market sorry.
    Apr 26 0
  • Uber hfy
    You can buy from me. I’d love to dump all even at 40b valuation
    Apr 26 2
    • Facebook vFfi02
      Apr 26
    • Palo Alto Networks KTkC88
      Hrmm, seems a bit too pessimistic that it will tank to 40 in a year's time, but it has happened before.
      Apr 26
  • Microsoft UseDeFeet
    Just put more money in your account...
    Apr 26 0


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