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Northrop Grumman / EngHowCouldYu
Mar 9

Any tips you have Blind for a loan from a bank? Or are US vets the only ones with good loan benefits


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  • I just got a 4% for a 30-yr conventional. What kind of benefits are you looking for?
    Mar 102
    • Microsoft lHcN54
      Any tips how you did it? We got pre-approved for 4.375%
      Mar 10
    • Really high credit score; used zillows find a lender tool and chose the lowest rate on the list.
      Mar 10
  • Microsoft


    Taco Bell, Campbell Soup, Jack in the Box
    I had 4% from wells which dropped to 3.75% since I had 500k with them.
  • Apple zrqv72
    You should join the military so you can get their benefits too
    Mar 100

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