CBD effect the morning after

Microsoft Nkoutf
Nov 29

I’m curious to try out marijuana for my depression/anxiety before looking into SSRI.
Can people who have tried it please share their experience here?

My understanding is that it works only while you are under its effect. It doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Is that correct ?

If you take a CBD (or should it be 1:20 hybrid) the night before, how do you feel the next day ? Super good because of it, just normal like any other day or difficult post-effects?


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  • New / EngHlUE84
    Leave the depressing state of Washington and find happiness. But I can take cbd during the day and have no effects if it’s low thc.
    Nov 292
    • Microsoft Nkoutf
      What do you take cbd for ? You go to work with that ?
      Nov 29
    • New / EngHlUE84
      I mean I don’t take it personally, but I do know it doesn’t impair your judgement.
      Nov 29
  • Square Loud
    Usually you can sleep any cannabis product off and feel completely sober/normal the next day.
    Nov 290
  • Nordstrom exxpedia
    I smoke weed every day but...

    I feel great with CBDs. I weightlift a lot so it helps slightly w/ muscle recovery/relaxation post-workout. I feel normal the day after.
    Nov 290
  • IBM


    Blue Origin
    I'd try pegging instead .
    Nov 290
  • Oracle / Otheryuio
    I think CBD is different from marijuana. It doesn't get you high

    Have heard about CBD oils. Also checkout the subreddit for CBD
    Nov 290
  • Glassdoor / EngDedhed
    I take CBD without THC at work daily. No cognitive changes. Only less nerves, less reactive mind-state and better feeling overall.
    Nov 290

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