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New BRxh88
Aug 22 12 Comments

I work as React Developer and I am wondering if a CS degree would help me take my career to the next level. I have a degree already, but it's in journalism.

Is it going to inhibit me not having a CS degree? And if I do go for a CS degree, does the school matter?

TC 85k


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  • PayPal l33th4x0r
    No, no, and no, assuming you are competent and can learn on your own.

    You could probably do 4 years —> $150k starter job in the Bay, but compare that with just working and learning for those 4 years. Doesn’t make sense.
    Aug 22 7
    • New BRxh88
      I'm 27 with no kids, nor wife. I keep studying front end, but I am not sure if that's where I wanna go. I think backend would be more stimulating
      Aug 22
    • Neurocrine hoola.xyz
      Can you actually get a backend swe job by just studying by yourself and no real degree or experience?
      Aug 22
    • New / R&D LangeSohne
      Yes, absolutely
      Aug 22
    • Neurocrine hoola.xyz
      How? What to study and how would a recruiter notice my resume among the other 100s it received everyday?
      Aug 22
    • New / R&D LangeSohne
      Network and work for warm intros. Don't do cold applications to careers pages. Work on personal projects in a language of your choice. Build an end to end web application with an RDBMS, stateful user sessions and a load balancer.
      Aug 22
  • Netflix number7
    The quality of the design and code is definitely better with those who have CS or related degrees.
    You may be able to land as a SWE job with non-CS degree, but will see the difference soon.
    If you are aiming a deep tech ladder, like an architect or sr principal level, or top companies like Google or Facebook, you better have CS degree.

    There always are exceptions. I had worked with an absolutely amazing colleague who were crazy hacker from the childhood but without even a college degree.
    Aug 23 1
  • VMware yomanx
    It will definitely help. CS is more than just coding. If you want to be taken seriously at higher leadership positions, I highly recommend you invest your time in studying CS fundamentals.
    Aug 22 0
  • Darkstore laqwah
    Nope! Just be curious and learn on your own. Try things and fail then ask yourself what you need to learn to avoid failure the next time around.
    Aug 22 0