CS new grad looking at career progression

Motorola help101011
Nov 1 4 Comments

Looking for advice on my first job that will help with my overall career progression.

I have a couple offers:
- Accenture as a tech analyst (consulting)
- State Farm on the AI team (SWE)

I was wondering which position would look better when I apply to for future AI/NLP related positions. As a CS new grad, one of my ideal jobs is to work at Amazon on the Alexa team.

Accenture has a well known name and the experiences with different cilents could be helpful. State Farm has a team that is working on a Chatbot and other "innovative" AI products.

Does the name of the company matter or will the project always be the most important?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Microsoft MMKy42
    Accenture is a body shop. Wouldn't join.
    Nov 1 1
  • Mozilla zardoshass
    State farm. Ai is the future
    Nov 1 0
  • New / Product Goooogle
    Both suck, research with an AI professor would be infinitely better...but State Farm if you must
    Nov 1 0


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