Can Citadel match comp?

Uber dhdbdhdud
Aug 30 14 Comments

Can they match FANG comp?
Same Q for other fintech coa like Bloomberg and Two Sigma


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  • Google / Eng batmobile
    Citadel pays more than FB/G, but you also get really bad WLB
    Aug 30 2
    • Snapchat wcri00
      Is this regardless of level? I thought it'd be hard for those companies to match f/g 6+, which could be way above 0.5m
      Aug 30
    • Google fuck_proto
      Lol, Citadel offers 0.4M to new grads.
      Aug 31
  • Coinbase idothings
    Citadel will walk all over anyone’s offer if you’re worth your salt.
    Aug 30 0
  • Tableau SoundrsFan
    They can beat, except for BBG which cannot even match
    Aug 30 1
  • Bloomberg / Eng F.U. money
    Like people said, Two Sigma and Citadel can give you better offers than FAANG. Citadel can even top 0.5M. Bloomberg will match L3 and L4 most likely but not anything above that. Just go to FAANG or Two Sigma. Avoid Citadel unless you want to hate your life.
    Aug 30 3
    • Google testmore
      How much salary is Bloomberg L3 and L4?
      Aug 30
    • Two Sigma ydhdbsjsk
      Did you work at citadel?
      Aug 31
    • Bloomberg / R&D CryptoFoo
      Is it that bad in Citadel? Asking for a friend
      Sep 29
  • Mesosphere / Eng Onesie
    In fact, would be surprised if they don’t beat it ;)
    Aug 30 1
    • Tableau SoundrsFan
      I wouldn’t be surprised, but they have the ability to
      Aug 30
  • New / Mgmt LGB131
    No job security. It’s a churn factory. But if you make it, you make money
    Aug 30 0
  • Uber dhdbdhdud
    oh yeah? Interesting!!
    Aug 30 0