Can I apply for a TN Visa without a job offer

New / Eng uTgA54
Sep 8 7 Comments

I recently got into triplebytes hiring platform as a Canadian. I was looking forward to participating in their "SUPER WEEK" but found out it's only available to candidates with a valid us work visa.

I spoke with my recruiter and he was under the impression that I could apply for a US work visa without a job offer at the border.

I'm wondering if anyone has done this before. Could I show up at the US border and apply for a TN Visa with just my credentials?


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  • Pinterest RIRI
    Don’t believe so. I’ve always had to show proof of employment contract and duration when applying for TN at border.
    Sep 8 1
    • New / Eng uTgA54
      So only way in is if a company willing to sponsor you gives you an offer :(
      Sep 8
  • Yelp fGGg31
    You cannot.

    Src: two tn approvals. On one now.

    There are two essential things:
    A) job offer
    B) a degree. For eng roles, there are some
    hard requirements for engineering / cs type of degrees.
    Sep 8 2
    • LinkedIn / Eng phatman
      Why not get green card?
      Sep 8
    • Yelp fGGg31
      LinkedIn: thats the plan. Im a relatively inexperienced eng.
      Sep 8
  • Darkstore grayworm
    Good luck my fellow maple blooded Canadian
    Sep 8 0
  • New / Eng anouja
    Definitely not. You need to have your contract / offer in hand at the border with start and end dates.
    Sep 8 0