Can I get a resume review?

Cisco code42
Jun 20 13 Comments

25 y/o in Seattle/Bellevue w/ 2 YOE (internships/contract) in SV looking to switch companies. Looking to get into FAANG up here. Any criticism is welcome. Thx

Will PM resume


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  • Marvell elkdead
    How many pages on your resume? I'm no expert but my experience is that adding 1 page for every 10 yoe is good. Since you have 2 yoe, fit all your accomplishments and projects in one page resume, this would give you an idea of whats the most important/exciting work you've done.
    Jun 20 12
    • SamsungNEXT NTsq81
      DO NOT make a two page resume. Get that shit on a single page. Don’t care who you are.
      Jun 20
    • Netflix / Ops

      Netflix Ops

      Facebook, Google
      Please get it onto one page unless you have a large number of publications and/or patents that are relevant to list out. It’s not too often I come across multiple page resumes that are actually necessary.

      To answer the above question, as a recruiter, no, I wouldn’t look at or take into consideration any recommendations from friends or family.
      Jun 20
    • Cisco code42
      I have 3 parents but I didn’t put them on my resume. They’re on my LinkedIn though
      Jun 21
    • Cisco code42
      Guys/gals I have a 1 pager relax haha
      Jun 21
    • Facebook / Eng

      Facebook Eng

      You have 3 biological parents? That's impressive.
      If I was conceived in a threesome, I would definitely put in on my resume.
      Jun 23


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