Can I quit tomorrow?

New ryug55
Sep 10 19 Comments

My full time offer letter has terminate at will clause does that mean, hypothetically can I just send in a slack "I quit" and not show up to work? Is there any more obligatory paperwork even with that clause.?


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  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Tech world is unbelievably small. People will know you’re an asshole forever if you do that. If you just fukin hate it talk to your manager to terminate you in 2 days.
    Sep 10 8
    • Indeed blindhat
      It’s not that small. 😂
      Sep 10
    • Abbott / Eng ssJG63
      I don’t understand this, they can fire you if you don’t meet there expectation but you can’t just leave it they done meet yours?
      Sep 10
    • Citadel Securities / Eng bluetiger
      Companies who fire people often without warning get a reputation as assholes. People who leave companies the same way get the same reputation.
      Sep 10
    • Indeed blindhat
      You can leave. There are a lot of people who manage their careers based on fear and this idea that they have to please their former boss and kiss ass even when that person becomes obsolete, isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, and essentially doesn’t matter anymore. You can quit and never look back. As you mature you realize the boogie man under the bed is a big fat lie and your previous, vindictive boss has no power when people are fighting for talent.
      Sep 10
    • Apple onToilet
      @bluetiger: ofc, I don’t mean to say that’s an excuse for being an asshole but there can be extenuating circumstances that require reneging on an offer.
      Sep 10
  • Oracle


    You don’t even have to send the Slack, just don’t show up, they’ll terminate you after a few days.
    Sep 10 1
    • MailChimp qHXN70
      Using the word terminate sounds so gruesome.
      Sep 10
  • LinkedIn ex-fb
    That the tech world is small and the importance of quitting on good terms while true is grossly exaggerated.

    The probability that you end up working with someone from your old company, especially if you’re going from junk tier to FANG level is pretty small.

    Know a friend who got fired at Amazon for something worse than PIP but negotiated a 50% hike at FB!
    Sep 10 2
    • LinkedIn


      sex work, quantum computing, and crypto HFT
      Lol nice. What level were they?
      Sep 11
    • LinkedIn ex-fb
      Joined as E5 and fb
      Sep 11
  • Pandora x0kjF
    Yes you can leave whenever you want. However, it's customary to give 2 weeks notice if you're leaving an IC position, more if you're higher up.
    Sep 10 0
  • Apple / Eng MrTechLead
    If you ever want to grow then be respectful, the higher you climb the smaller the world becomes. Venting does not benefit you if your goal is to maximize your gain.
    Sep 10 0
  • LinkedIn ex-fb
    Lol is this your first job?

    You can even just not join, let alone quit after joining.
    Sep 10 1
    • New ryug55
      I am currently working.
      Sep 10
  • Dont you want to move out of the company with a good relationship with the team and manager?
    Sep 10 0


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