Can I switch jobs on OPT, after H1B application has been submitted?

Amazon / Eng yousirnaim
Mar 1 3 Comments

I am on F1 visa, OPT STEM Extension. Will apply for H1B in April. Can I switch jobs after that? In same company? To different company?


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  • CenturyLink damndaniel
    No. Not even within the same company. H1B app is specific on company, position, compensation, job duties, and even what county you work in.
    Mar 1 1
    • Amazon cinku
      Well if you are in a big company like Amazon then you may actually can as long as it’s the same role, same location. The pay wouldn’t change in that case for an internal transfer anyway and the job duties would be same as well.
      But Ofcourse you should always check with your immigration lawyer before you decide on these things.
      Mar 1
  • UgPY44
    Your official status will remain OPT during the application processing stage. If you're in the same company, try to stick to jobs with similar responsibilities. If you switch jobs, your current employer might withdraw your h1b application. Consult an immigration lawyer. I'm no expert
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