Can I use stock options to qualify for a bigger mortgage?

Reddit 5‘6 Indian
Dec 2, 2018

By options I mean in a pre-ipo company like Reddit, so they are not liquid.

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  • Microsoft DOyu71
    Maybe. I know a handful.of people that did that. All except one lost their homes.
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Wayfair addA30
    Can you punch yourself in the dick? Probably, yeah. Should you though?
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Oath / Mgmt


    Pre ipo company probably not.

    If the company is public yes.
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Google Osterno
    Naw, dawg.
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Amazon / EngYolo!
    You nuts bruh?! If you can’t get a mortgage based on your base salary ( even bonus is a stretch ) then you cannot and should not get that mortgage. Do yourself a favor and don’t end up in financial ruin unless you have your spouse working as well and that’s a different story.
    Dec 2, 20181
    • Google / MgmtFYlH08
      So basically, screw your spouse. 😆
      Dec 2, 2018
  • LinkedIn Kwofjrjw
    Why would you want to? What happens if they never IPO? You should only use your base salary for your recurring living expenses.
    Dec 2, 20180
  • SAP kbron
    Even if you could, why would you want to buy more house that u can afford? You are setting yourself to failure, that is dumb
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Citibank / Finance$$>RSU
    Nice troll post. 😂
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Facebook public2
    A handful of lenders may consider it but don't risk it. The value of those options are far too volatile.
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Splunk nemah365
    Dec 2, 20180
  • New tLFu71
    No they won’t care about any stocks. Cash and w2 only.
    Dec 2, 20180
  • CoreLogic ☝🏿
    If you have several years at the same employer where your stock has vested at a consistent $$$...you have a chance to use it in your DTI. There are few lenders that do it but they’re out there.
    Dec 2, 20180

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