Can one short sell their stock during the IPO hold out period

Varian Medical FNhu82
Jun 21 6 Comments

Let’s say your company went public and stock went up unnaturally high. E.g Beyond Meat. Can an employee with stocks, short sell the stock at the peak and return the stock grants to the broker have after the holdout period?


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  • Slack ETGe77
    Every Public Company has an insider trading policy. Shorting your company’s stock is usually not allowed under that policy.
    Jun 21 1
    • blw
      How is slack now? Partying every day and night?
      Jun 21
  • The fact that you are asking probably means that you don’t know how to. Shorting a stock can be really risky and cost a lot more money than you might think.

    Stick to your “employee shares program” for now ;)
    Jun 21 1
    • Varian Medical FNhu82
      I wasn’t trying to haha. Was just wondering about how employees could capitalize on the beyond burger bubble.
      Jun 21
  • Zillow Group uYVG45
    If you are an insider, you can't do it. It sucks -- you would think you should be allowed to buy puts or short to lock in your gains. Insider trading rules are too tight. They should only be applicable to a few execs in each company that actually know something that matters
    Jun 21 0
  • Facebook public2
    Of course not, cannot trade derivatives in your own company. Msft may be an exception as employees aren't given access to inside info.
    Jun 21 0


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