Can severance be negotiated?

HuffPost BillyJean
Feb 2

Do I need a lawyer to negotiate my package (their fee is 1/3 what I get) or could I go about it on my own? I’m uncertain whether the co will be receptive or only agree if they see a lawyer is serious.

*I’m not part of a Union.


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  • Finale Inventory huHG50
    What's your leverage? Are you willing to leave if they won't give you what you want? Oh wait, what they want is for you to leave, don't think you have any leverage.
    Feb 23
    • HuffPost BillyJean
      I do have discrimination leverage.
      Feb 2
    • Facebook chichil
      OP - how did they discriminate against you?
      Feb 2
    • New DuQvV7x
      OP, you don’t.

      You were laid off. It sucks.

      You want more. It’s human.

      But any employment attorney will tell you that you don’t have any leverage. And unless the discrimination resulted in your termination (a costly rarely viable process), you end up with nada.

      Gird up. Move on. Flip the page.

      It’s scary. It sucks. You’ll be fine.

      Feb 2
  • Zillow Group anKW36
    Yes, get a lawyer to do it. They usually take a 1/3rd or what they improve it by, not total. And a lawyer will know the ins and outs that you don’t. Like for instance you can’t reject their severance plan, because you very well might screw yourself out of it entirely.

    Usually the only leverage you have is the disparagement clause, not actual lawsuits (unless they have done something specifically egregious, and you can prove it). So lawyers can help in two ways, in that they can help you negotiate, and they let your previous company know that they are the ones who will be releasing your statements if they disagree. Notable firms add volume to the negative statements made, increasing your leverage.
    Feb 31
    • HuffPost BillyJean
      Thank you! I do have a lawyer it’s a serious matter so we’ll see what happens.
  • Microsoft BcrX06
    You might have some leverage over the nondisparagement clause.
    Feb 20
  • New nfs
    If they are abiding the country law, there's no point in a lawyer.
    You can try to ask nicely and that's it.
    Feb 20
  • Micro Focus vHwd00
    Only if you are in high management and even then you negotiate severance at signing. Once the dice rolls, if it is layoffs you take what they give you
    Feb 30
  • VMware vBlinderr
    No. GTFO.
    Feb 20

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