Can this person please come forward? I know he is here with us.

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  • Amazon broke&dumb
    I feel sorry for him.
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  • Netflix proctol
    It is well known that some women can drive men mad. And you can’t hit them. They have a gene or a skill or something.
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  • Oracle SfsM37
    I would say he had a meltdown, but he can't go any farther down
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  • Pure Storage fBMa33
    I feel bad for the guy. He’s just trying to get by like everyone else. The big dude who attacked him should be arrested. The attacker basically proved the little guy right. Everybody shits on short people.
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    • Amazon / Eng @>_
      "Just trying to get by" doesn't really normally include sexist meltdowns in public.

      I'm short, though not as short. I get it, not ideal. But if he doesn't get dates it's probably not his height, it's his shit attitude.
    • Pure Storage fBMa33
      You don’t know what is happening in this guys life or what his struggles are let alone what happened before the camera started. Just hope that one day you’re not on the other end of that camera being judged/attacked without full context.
  • Microsoft


    There was a post earlier asking why bagels have holes... 🤔
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    • OP
      so that 5 foot tall people can put their sticks through them or smthng
  • Intuit GTO
    To be in NYC and not get laid is tough. Literal surplus of women and still unwanted - yeesh.
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  • Apple HDcr58
    He definitely has management qualities!
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  • Nvidia paidrobot
    SJW mob is back
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  • New / Product

    New Product

    Google, Facebook
    As a female New Yorker, I can say I'm proud of my fellow women's ability to sniff out and avoid crazies.
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  • Netflix proctol
    To the original poster - please watch this video
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  • Amazon BahenChod
    Look, it’s Napoleon Complex Dynamite.
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  • Lyft done2
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