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Can you get fired for working too many hours?

Goldman Sachs VP🥺TC😭
Jan 4

I don’t work hourly. Salary.


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  • Amazon bytebyte
    This is the Blind equivalent of "My greatest weakness is I care too much"
    Jan 40
  • New complow
    It’s about output, not input.
    Jan 40
  • CA Technologies TBWu24
    Depends on how much work gets done, not how much time was spent
    Jan 40
  • Google euBx84
    No one will ever fire you for contributing too much. If you work too many hours and have very little output, that's pretty suspicious.
    Jan 40
  • Oath Atinlay
    If you never go home, that’s suspect.
    Jan 41
    • Goldman Sachs VP🥺TC😭
      From a production standpoint? Or taking on too much?
      Jan 4
  • Google snidely
    Unlikely. But I'm not taking any chances
    Jan 41
  • Compass FUPayMe
    Probably if someone else can finish your tasks in less time.
    Jan 40
  • General Motors RamenCup
    If you work too many hours you will become grumpy and will be ‘that guy’ in the office that always throw snide remarks, and feed on negativity.
    Feb 80
  • New nfs
    For starters, no one will fire you over this on a whym.
    But, if you are in a senior position and supposed to role model wlb than you might be approached about this by your tl.
    There's also a chance that you are trying to make up for lack of prioritization skills or low velocity and this will burn you out gradually.
    Jan 50

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