Can you legally own a side hustle company like a bar or anything else and still work full-time w good performance?

General Motors InTheEnd2
Nov 8 6 Comments

I understand if you are slacking at work then you might fired but what if you are giving your 100%, your manager is happy and putting 40 hours to the company. Can they do anything to you based on what you do outside of work especially if you own another business (of course legit and legal business)


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  • Depends on your contract. There is lots of great info in the paperwork you signed!
    Nov 8 0
  • New / Admin Bbxy77
    Legally? You can own as many companies as you'd like.
    Nov 8 0
  • Compass


    You can do it. Just disclose to HR.
    Nov 8 0
  • Daimler / IT RCKF42
    Some employers make you disclose other businesses, to your direct manager or HR.

    Some only require it if it is in the same or an adjacent industry that might be a conflict of interest.

    Some people just put it in their spouse/parent’s/brother’s name and don’t worry about it.

    YMMV but typically there’s no “law” governing these things.
    Nov 8 0
  • Cruise Automation gasp
    Register an LLC, put everything in the LLC's name. Problem solved.
    Nov 9 1
    • General Motors InTheEnd2
      Of course biz is always LLC
      Nov 9


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