Canada tech scene for mobile developer lokt
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Canada seems fairly easy to immigrate comparing with US, especially with a partner.

But how about TC there? Comparable with Bay Area?
Also, does FANG exist there? Or any other good companies with mobile development?

TC 110k, 4YOE.


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  • Move


    50% pay cut for all positions in all companies
    Sep 1 10
    • Twitch / Eng Rbg04h2kd
      Pros include: generally cleaner air, abundance of land and natural resource, plenty of naturey stuff so if you're into water or mountain sports or like to hike in trails, it's great. Universal coverage on Healthcare typically provides relief for many, also because of public nature of Healthcare, top notch hospitals can focus on quality of care over trying to up sell most expensive treatments: if you don't need a procedure, the doc simply won't prescribe it if the risk is too high. Good social benefits, public transportation in most cities, particularly Vancouver, is really awesome. Public education is cheaper, college tuition is about 10k a year VS 50k in the US. Utilities is typically cheaper given abundance of hydro dams. Income disparity is lower so less signs of extremities like you see in sf. Overall, a great place to retire and or raise kids if family is a priority.

      Cons: economy is super volatile as there is no real economy outside of mining, forestry, and oil and gas, all industries that are super cyclical and tied to the global economy. The other major industry is the shadow real estate industry that is propping up housing prices North of 1mm a pop in Vancouver and Toronto. Without much other industries to sustain its economy, if global economic recession hits, Canada may take a huge hit, and you may potentially see another 2008 happen given high levels of consumer debt leverage mostly driven by insane housing prices. Typically a difficult market for young people to find jobs given lack of industries. High taxes makes it harder to save money. Cost of living generally high. Winters do suck, especially if you're on an east coast city and it gets down to minus 35. Vancouver remains above freezing most of the year but you deal with plenty of rain like Seattle.

      All in all, I like Canada a lot as it's home for me. But for what it's worth, I left for the US given better job ops and pay. I do want to go back though, but find it harder to as I get older given lack of job ops in my field, and the inability to afford housing on the lower income there.
      Sep 2
    • Apple ehBp46
      Most of the cons here are related to job options. Look at the bigger picture, living in Canada you can still invest in US economy and enjoy better living with the same financial growth.
      Sep 2
    • Twitch / Eng Rbg04h2kd
      Well, I think that's job dependent. Sometimes, you background can land you a job anywhere and that's great. In my case, my job options are typically only available at corporate headquarters, and there simply isn't a lot of companies in my field headquartered in canada.

      On a different note, my tc is around 275k for 7 yoe. It's just hard to find a comparable compensation in canada. It's also harder to find the job opps whereas in places like sf, there's a ton of tech companies that are all hiring, so it's easier to get more job offers to leverage a better final offer.

      So I disagree with the same financial growth part. But I do think quality of life is better in canada on the grand scheme of things
      Sep 2
    • Apple ehBp46
      Sure.. everyone has a unique situation. I wasn’t trying to reply to you specifically. I just meant generally people try to reason everything with job/salary and assume they are going to work at a job forever. I agree that job is an important factor for financial growth, but is not the only factor. Eventually, everyone should aim for having multiple sources of income and not be dependent on a job. And that can be achieved regardless of where we live.
      Sep 2
    • Twitch / Eng Rbg04h2kd
      That's true. Although I wish I could have multiple sources of income. All my investments fail and have become multiple sources of losses
      Sep 2
  • Amazon qzeey33
    Nothing compares to the Bay area in TC. Canada will be 30-40% cut just purely on the number and you'll also be earning a weaker currency and paying higher taxes.

    That being said, Google Amazon Microsoft are there
    Sep 1 0
  • Airbnb kYFK02
    Just go to Shopify
    Sep 1 0
  • Oracle larry_off
    You can migrate to Africa with that TC and start your own.
    Sep 1 1
    • lokt
      This is Europe man
      Sep 1