Can't get an interview data science

SEI Investments Quanty
Nov 7 12 Comments

I have 2+ years experience working with ML, Neural Networks, NLP, and python development and am pursuing a masters in CS with a bachelors in M Eng. Been applying for 6 months and have gotten a few non-technical phone interviews but haven't gotten a single in person. Applying in NY, CT, and PHL. Every time I get rejected after a phone interview since they decided to go with a candidate with more experience. I'm making 60k TC working 60 hour weeks + grad school and it's fucking kill me. What do I do?


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    • SEI Investments deepo
      I don't think interviewing is the issue. I've only gotten 3 interviews and I think they went well I just get the feedback that I don't have enough experience.
      Nov 7
  • Goldman Sachs ayys
    Unfortunately you’re competing with lots of PhDs.
    Nov 7 0
  • Google / Eng rооt
    Leetcode and go into SWE. Don't need grad school and pay's better too
    Nov 7 1
    • SEI Investments deepo
      I'll gladly do SWE but I'm only proficient in Python for now. Also I love ML and AI and want to do that later in my career. How do I transition to SWE?
      Nov 7
  • Amazon bVGD46
    Most DS at Amazon are PhDs, I think that is what they mean when they say not enough experience.
    Nov 7 0
  • BNY Mellon Bvwh32
    Come to the SF Bay Area
    Nov 7 0
  • Slice tmko36
    Apply at Slice. They’ll hire anyone with a pulse
    Nov 7 0
  • New ff1017
    How many applications did you send out? I have 0 YoE, so I sent out 100 applications.
    Got two solid offers.

    Maybe your resume+ cover letter have issues and hence not converting. Try fixing that first.
    Nov 9 1
    • SEI Investments deepo
      What do you have on your resume?
      Nov 9
  • Wayfair rrbo311
    Wayfair has hired less experienced DS in Boston and Berlin. They also do co-op I think.
    Nov 7 0
  • Atlassian d@t_person
    The problem is location. Come to Bay Area. High TC negates the high COL
    Nov 7 0
  • Axtria BabyKoala
    Nov 7 0


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