Can’t pass Microsoft application screening

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May 25 9 Comments

It’s the first time in my career (15 yoe) where I can’t get a call back or email from a company I’d really like to join. I worked at a Fang in the past and many other great companies, usually get about 95% response rate when applying for a job (really not bragging). I did fail a few interviews but had good offers too. So, what do folks look for in a candidate at MS? Do I have to have .net or Windows on my Resume? Applying for Java roles that are right in my skill set and level. Sent out 5 applications for the last 2 months, different teams, different locations, but absolutely zero response 🤔

Any tips?


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  • Tableau BlAk00
    Microsoft is super hard to get into externally because there is always a line of people trying to move around internally who are given preference for those roles. Notably even when you’re internally applying half the time you get no response. Even the referral system is a joke, I referred people with glowing recommendations multiple times with zero uptake. The key is to know someone who can directly connect you with a hiring manager who has an open role. It’s possible to come in without that, but difficult. I had a recruiter reach out directly but *they* initiated the discussion and it was mostly because I was already at Amazon at that time. Conversely, when I was at Amazon we were always interviewing external people.
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  • Microsoft mr_magoo
    Wait till after June when fiscal starts over and there is new headcount budget...
    May 25 0
  • Microsoft anonseatle
    Combination of incredibly slow recruiting process and end of year.
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  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Microsoft, Grab
    Did you try referral?
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  • Microsoft Sauron 👁
    Lemme give you the stat ..yearly 4mn ppl apply to Msft every year. But the HR is much smaller compared to that number. If you want the process to be fair then it takes time IMO
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  • Microsoft Sauron 👁
    Can be many things I guess... Wrong timing, slow process, not a right fit, narrow top-bottom heavy pyramid organization etc. I get a feeling that Msft is looking for more young blood and not ppl with more exp. Also with 15yoe I think the position you would be looking for is L64 and above and they are scarce.
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  • Oath
    Non-American here, but my experience with MS was also terrible. Wasn't that interested in working there, but had no reason not to try. Submitted via multiple channels, and has employees recommend me. Took them more than 2 month to contact me. Maybe it's the same - they aren't ignoring you, just working really slow.
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  • AT&T hffjl
    Keep sending and make your LinkedIn profile changes
    May 25 0
  • Apple / Eng kGUv48
    Can you get in touch with a recruiter there?
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