Can’t settle for one woman

Facebook hoeing4rsu
Jan 8

My current relationship of 6 months is great and is everything a typical blinder can dream of: beautiful girl, great sex and we get along very well, I’d even go as far as saying that this is the best woman I’ve been with.

The problem is I can’t accept the thought of staying with one girl and I keep thinking about having sex with other women although I don’t want to leave my gf. The thrill and the novelty of a new affair gives me a serious hit. I even occasionally fap to old home videos with my exes and sometimes text them naughty things when I’m horny.

What do I do?


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  • Wake up kid .. it’s 3 p.m
    Jan 80
  • Oath / MgmtAtinlay
    Humblebrag more
    Jan 80
  • Morgan Stanley ninja007
    See if she’s open to an open relationship ? Otherwise it’s sooner or later going to lead to cheating and more trouble.

    One of 2 things will happen - you actually find someone with whom you don’t feel that monogamy is a restriction on you (my case after feeling how you describe with many other women who were great)

    OR you will realize you can’t be happy being monogamous no matter what - and you should actively only look for girls okay with open relationships.
    Jan 83
    • Facebook hoeing4rsu
      I will never knowingly accept her having sex with another man, the only option is she allows me to do it but I know it will make her feel awful
      Jan 8
    • Morgan Stanley ninja007
      So - the only way out is finding a bisexual woman and a mé·nage à trois with another girl 😊.

      That should challenge your game - even if you’re good.
      Jan 8
    • Clover Health / Engdoenfh
      I have no pity for you if you're not willing to let her have equal freedom.
      Jan 8
  • Lockheed Martin / Eng

    Lockheed MartinEng

    Lockheed Martin
    Communications engineer
    Finding someone better is a lie. It’s sold to you by the media. If you love her, marry her.
    Jan 80
  • ClearDATA zjDm22
    Why don’t you just do the needful and revert this post?
    Jan 82
    • Capital One anKfiK8
      OP shouldn’t think he can revert back kindly after doing the needful with another girl
      Jan 8
    • Amazon / EngfHUg57
      Kind regards?
      Jan 8
  • Facebook / EngBookEng
    Do her a favor and leave her. You are not ready for a commitment and that’s fine. Get into a serious relationship only when u are ready for it.
    Jan 80
  • Amazon 1700zulu
    First, reassure your gal that you’re loyal to her. You haven’t strayed. Masturbating to porn (even if past exes) isn’t cheating—it’s disturbing, weird and/or inappropriate—but not cheating. Do be open with her that variety is important to you and come up with ways to meet that need with the same woman: her. For example, wigs and roleplaying, or other kinky stuff. Use your imagination and most of all, work together on it.

    Don’t fuck up a good (or great) thing for a few thrills. Great sex, chemistry and getting along well is nothing to sneeze at. Great girls don’t grow on trees. If you mess up, some other lucky guy will end up with your girl.
    Jan 80
  • Google GHCp12
    It's always wise to be with someone whose company you enjoy, especially these days; media is trying to show you multiple options and make you think there's so much out there and your life is limitless. Dating today is same as it was when there was no social media except that people are baffled with the choices they have and think that they can get anything or anyone they want. People are sold to media unless they are smart. Look at all wise men out there, many of them have been married to the ones they have been with for few years irrespective of their looks, age or education.

    If you really have the courage to keep playing around then continue playing around, don't regret when you are in your 40s and trying to find companionship. I have met couple of people who played around when they were young and then later in life they think it would have been better if they stayed with the girl they liked.
    Jan 80
  • LinkedIn / EngDinosaurs
    This is pretty normal, read the Coolidge effect. Your sex drive will go back to normal as you grow up.
    Jan 80
  • Bank of America blacKnight
    If she is really good girl.. just don’t leave or cheat her for sex.. sex is a part of life and don’t make it a heart of life
    Jan 81
  • AMD


    Men are programmed like animals to spread their seed as much as possible. What differentiates us from animals is self control and knowing right from wrong. You can just deal with it, because if you break up with her, you will not be any happier.

    However, if you ever cheat on her, NEVER let her know. (Just get tested regularly and have arc safe). I am not recommending you do that but giving some advice just in case.
    Jan 80
  • Zendesk tangerine8
    I ran into this issue 5 years ago with my current girlfriend. I had pitched the idea of an open relationship and being polyamorous, with pretty bad backlash.

    Although we got into some major fights after that, I realized that i have a choice to stay or to leave and I ended up staying, not because I felt trapped, but because I love her.

    That being said, I have the personality of an obsessive addict and am constantly fighting the urge to see other women. I’ve redirected my obsessions to working out, working, creating amazing experiences with my girlfriend through traveling and trips and weed.

    It’s not easy, but you gotta decide if she makes your life better. If so, stay and if not, leave. Try to think with your head and not with your penis. Easier said than done(you can always jerk off first, then make a decision)
    Jan 80
  • Google / ProductSundar9
    What’s your TC?
    Jan 80
  • Google / Eng🍑☁️
    Stop messaging your exes if you want to stay together
    Jan 80
  • Oh man! I totally understand your problem. There are two things I suggest you could do. Either wake up from your dream or stop bragging to fellow geeksquad blinders who are used to self-service.
    Jan 80
  • Target / EngtmDe33
    Sir, this is a Arby's drive through.
    Jan 80
  • Oracle / EngQuankQuank
    Indian spotted
    Jan 81
  • Cisco meowwww
    Update? Felling the same
  • Bank of America blacKnight
    I think this is a troll question and not serious
    Jan 80
  • Microsoft / EngDr. 13
    How old are you? How old is she? Is marriage out of the question?

    Also, this is the most 1st world problem ever. I wish I had this problem. It's like being so rich you don't know what to do with it and you start complaining about it.
    Jan 80
  • eBay 🍜 soup
    Jerk off when you get thoughts to have sex with someone else.
    Jan 80
  • VMware genius1
    this is a slippery slope. enjoy what you have
    Jan 82
    • Google / MgmtDian
      Life is short. Make the most of it.
      Jan 8
    • Cisco / QAStoneHeart
      fuck that. go for broke!
      Jan 8
  • Guidewire Lahlah
    Jan 80
  • New / Eng


    I’ve become really good at getting shit done. I’m not even joking. On top of this, people love working with me, which to me is the biggest prize.
    Whatever you do man? Don’t cheat. Seriously don’t. Been there done that. Just don’t. People. DON’T!!!
    Jan 80
  • Google hTED02
    Dude you just like me. I would say you have limited options 1) find a bi sexual unicorn or 2) remains single and keep dating. You will feel suffocated and escape when you can. Few of us can’t as we are stuck.
    Jan 80
  • Adobe mctrollstr
    Yeah ok...
    Jan 80
  • Paychex Depaul
    How old are you if you don’t mind asking?
    Jan 80

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