Capital Gains Taxes

NetApp python46
Mar 26 2 Comments

I have some stock and I’m trying to figure out how much to put away if I sell now even at short-term status.

E-trade shows a grant date FMV and a purchase date FMV. Which one do i look at for tax consideration? My grant date value is about half the purchase date, but it looks like expected gain/loss per share is based on the purchase date. So which is it?


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  • Google camelCase
    Is this RSU?
    FMV on purchase date is your regular income. Any gain/loss is relative to this base.
    When you sell, the difference between proceeds and base is your capital gain (short-term if kept for less than a year, long-term otherwise).
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    • NetApp python46
      Perfect, that was my guess. This situation is for ESPP
      Mar 26


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