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Jul 9 11 Comments


Have a recruiter reach out to me for a tech role in Finance tech team at capital one. Location - Boston.

How is the team, tech, pay and career progression etc. Not looking to jump right away at the opportunity but just wanted to know how tech departments are at a finance company

TC - 170k


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  • Capital One

    Capital One

    I would not recommend Boston. NYC is good.
    Jul 9 3
    • Cerner life?
      It this based on Teams or Technology
      Jul 9
    • Capital One zbRw61
      Boston is a brand new office. Excellent ground floor opportunity. There is a very strong commitment to Boston.
    • Cerner life?
      So hiring aggressively? Would you refer me. Sr Engineer working in Big Data and Cloud space
  • Capital One / Eng apexLegend
    They just shutdown the Seattle branch. Better hope Boston is high performant. Cap1 is awful. I wouldn't recommended working there to anyone.
    7d 2
    • Cerner life?
      Is it more of same in finance sector, or more of how Cap 1 works and does not have much stronger Engineering organization.

      Personal experience at other major credit card, and feel Engineering Org is not strong.
    • Amazon / Eng desudesu
      They use newer technologies, typically, but don't let them fool you into thinking they're a "tech company".
  • Amazon / Eng desudesu
    What the fuck role did they offer you?
    Unless you'll be managing people, there's no way that they'll beat your current TC.
    7d 0
  • Capital One / Data vKKA75
    Honestly. With your current tc, if you’re not coming in at a sr manager or higher the tc will be about the same if not lower. That being said it really depends on what you are looking for in a career. Cap one is highly political and regulated so it will be difficult to get much done

    Edit: don’t expect people from the Boston office to be self identifying. It’s so small it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who said what. But there was a commitment to hire a lot of people last I heard. Someone said five hundred but that’s not the most recent figure.
    7d 0
  • Wayfair BScK77
    Any idea what TC would be for Director of Engineering in Boston?
    Yesterday 0
  • Capital One xjsiendi
    Boston is very new - just opened temp office in April while permanent one under construction. Ultimately 500ish positions there.
    7d 0