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Jul 9 12 Comments


Have a recruiter reach out to me for a tech role in Finance tech team at capital one. Location - Boston.

How is the team, tech, pay and career progression etc. Not looking to jump right away at the opportunity but just wanted to know how tech departments are at a finance company

TC - 170k


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  • Capital One

    Capital One

    I would not recommend Boston. NYC is good.
    Jul 9 3
    • Cerner life?
      It this based on Teams or Technology
      Jul 9
    • Capital One zbRw61
      Boston is a brand new office. Excellent ground floor opportunity. There is a very strong commitment to Boston.
      Jul 10
    • Cerner life?
      So hiring aggressively? Would you refer me. Sr Engineer working in Big Data and Cloud space
      Jul 10
  • Capital One hejaksfhj
    I would only consider this if you’re struggling with WLB and want to sacrifice almost everything you mentioned for it. Typically, the move is from C1 to Amazon (or any other decent tech company) not the other way around.
    Jul 27 0
  • Amazon / Eng desudesu
    What the fuck role did they offer you?
    Unless you'll be managing people, there's no way that they'll beat your current TC.
    Jul 10 0
  • Capital One / Eng apexLegend
    They just shutdown the Seattle branch. Better hope Boston is high performant. Cap1 is awful. I wouldn't recommended working there to anyone.
    Jul 10 2
    • Cerner life?
      Is it more of same in finance sector, or more of how Cap 1 works and does not have much stronger Engineering organization.

      Personal experience at other major credit card, and feel Engineering Org is not strong.
      Jul 10
    • Amazon / Eng desudesu
      They use newer technologies, typically, but don't let them fool you into thinking they're a "tech company".
      Jul 10
  • Capital One / Data vKKA75
    Honestly. With your current tc, if you’re not coming in at a sr manager or higher the tc will be about the same if not lower. That being said it really depends on what you are looking for in a career. Cap one is highly political and regulated so it will be difficult to get much done

    Edit: don’t expect people from the Boston office to be self identifying. It’s so small it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who said what. But there was a commitment to hire a lot of people last I heard. Someone said five hundred but that’s not the most recent figure.
    Jul 10 0
  • Wayfair / Eng BScK77
    Any idea what TC would be for Director of Engineering in Boston?
    Jul 16 0
  • Capital One xjsiendi
    Boston is very new - just opened temp office in April while permanent one under construction. Ultimately 500ish positions there.
    Jul 10 0