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Nike jhgvutfh
May 27 5 Comments

I am currently working as a java developer and been doing this from about 8 years. Never had any problem in finding new job when needed. And I enjoy Java but always little disappointed due to no growth.

I happened to get a new job as a principle reliability engineer where they mentioned like I will be responsible for ensuring the reliability of services. Like I will be doing chaos engineering, resilience sdk's and stuff. And their stack seems to be a mix of python, goLang and cSharp. It looks weird that their development stack is mix and match if diff programming languages but it seems like they are looking for engineers who are willing to pick up any language. This job had a 30% increase to my current salary. One good thing is that I will be working with engineers having around 20 years of experience in reliability and chaos/devops stuff. And so may be an opportunity to expand skill set.

But I am little concerned like what happens if I want to switch jobs after 2 more years? I will be off of my core expertise java and the skills in my current job seems like a mix of diff languages without much focus on any specific thing. Is this a right move? It helps to expand my skill set but I am afraid I won't be in demand anymore as soon as I started looking for new opportunities? Can someone advice please?

I want to be come software architect in the near feature but little confused if this is a right step or better to pass on?


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  • As far as SREs I've worked with, they write pretty much no code except for the occasional Python script, unless you count Terraform templates as code.
    May 27 0
  • Microsoft / R&D AFuX02
    Switching roles and gaining expertise in different fields is far more valuable than sticking through different versions of Java. You've enough experience to prove you'll be an asset in Java if someone even cares.

    For an architect, I think picking up SRE knowledge under experienced folks will only help you, at the same time making you aware of a different stack.
    May 27 0
  • Cloudflare / Eng myimouto
    Specializing in a language doesn't seem to have big career benefits. The only company I met that cared deeply about that was Cruise (for C++)
    May 27 0
  • Amazon dataplane
    You need to improve English first if you want to “be come” an architect.

    Your Java concern is valid though.
    May 28 0
  • Nike jhgvutfh
    I didnt mean Java exactly. I am little worried, if I will be deviating from Software Development domain. Like I do end to end design of microservices, hld related with how services needs to communicate with each other, along with the infrastructure decisions, db storage etc.. but just do the programming in Java. Does SRE just focuses on reliability like testing, chaos engineering, devops... etc. Will there be any additional skill set that can be learned from becoming an SRE?
    May 27 0