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Feb 24, 2018 2 Comments

I’ve been working a Contractor developer for the last 5 years. Mostly focused on the Java stack, some front end Spring MVC/JSP, SOA/Middleware, Data pipelines involving SQL DBs, Hadoop. Basically a lot of custom application development but nothing really too fancy in terms of complexity. Also, I’m not a CS grad. So I haven’t had any coursework in DS/Algs like ever. I’m a decent programmer and I think I have good aptitude for this. I want to upgrade my skill set but don’t really know where to start. My first priority is meeting market demand and my second priority is to get deeper into Machine Learning/Deep Learning. I don’t find running behind the JavaScript framework of the month but am willing to do it i the market needs those skills. I also see that Cloud computing tech has a lot of demand but I feel like that should be something you learn on the job. Of course, employers don’t feel that way. They want you to know everything from the beginning.


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    If you spend 19 mins on Blind you'd know the answer. It's 'leetcode' and 'sex'.
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