Career Cross Road: Backend Developer, Security Engineer, or Reliability Engineer

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Mar 11 5 Comments

I want to make a move and have three options in front of me. 1. Continue being a back end developer, which I've been for 8 years. 2. Entertain offers to be a Reliability/Production Engineer; I started out as a Sysadmin and my systems prowess keeps following me; finding it easier to crack those interviews than regular SWE. 3. I've been doing a lot of security work lately and find it both challenging and fulfilling, but if I switch to that, I'll likely delay promotions and pay increases for a year or two.

The dev positions and rswe positions seem to pay the same; rswe slight more from what I've heard. Security engineer positions, I'm not sure. Has anyone made the jump to security and can enlighten me if it is worth it financially?

11Yoe 470K TC



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  • Salesforce Sadforce
    Backend dev seems to be winning; is TC for Security Engineers lower?
    Mar 12 2
    • Apple OFOM41
      If you leave your current domain wouldn’t you have to get a new job where you’ll likely be downlevelled since you don’t have as much experience in that domain? Like you could be an Architect in backend but wouldn’t be able to immediately become Architect in security if you haven’t really worked in that domain? Or are you just thinking of changing teams within Salesforce?
      Mar 12
    • Salesforce Sadforce
      It was be a side move to software engineer in security, so changing teams would be the only path; then after a while, flip companies to hopefully continue getting higher TC
      Mar 13
  • Apple OFOM41
    What level are you at Salesforce to be making 470k? Architect?
    Mar 11 1


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