Career advice: trader to fintech

New MzTx45
Apr 20 10 Comments

a trader in hedge fund for 10yrs. Recently did a master in data science. Looking for some fintech related job. Advice?


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  • New AXWY54
    Why don’t you start your own algo trading firm
    Apr 20 1
    • Google


      capital risk, overhead costs (infra, brokerage, office, recruiting, etc.), operating experience, etc.
      Apr 20
  • Out of curiosity what is your TC as a trader?

    And yes, lots of big companies and unicorns have fintech engineering and data science orgs that will really value your experience.
    Apr 20 1
    • New algH37
      Also curious about TC as a trader, is it a big comp drop off to become a SWE? Also I don’t feel the transition should be too difficult
      Apr 20
  • New MzTx45
    I got 150k base plus 10% of the pnl i made as bonus. 60pct in cash 40pct deferral in 2yrs
    Apr 20 3
    • How much on average was your PNL?
      Apr 20
    • New MzTx45
      It really depends on the mkt and ur LUCK, roughly between 2mm to 5mm a year
      Apr 20
    • Interesting. The unicorns/FAANG certainly have finance or money data science departments that would really value your skills.

      My guess is that you could make $400-600k, depending on how well you do in the interview and whatnot.

      Eventually as a very senior data scientist at FAANG, you’re looking at 700k+, especially if you go into management. (Consider getting a PhD though, not sure how PhDs feel about being managed by a guy without one.)
      Apr 21
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Have a friend who did trader and then swe. Doable and he is making a lot of money at Uber right now.
    Apr 20 0
  • Goldman Sachs not_Lloyd
    Why fintech?
    Apr 20 0


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