Career in Accounting Question

JUUL / Acctg much2learn
Jul 15 11 Comments

I’m a new grad still trying to find out what I want to do.

What is everyone’s thoughts on the accounting field? How is the work, compensation, and ability to advance?

Any help or insight is appreciated. Thanks.


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  • New / Other AuntHilda
    Having done first hand and overseen Accounting for several years, this how I would define Accounting career path. For the first 6-8 years, it will pay low, workload will be very high, the type of work will be repetitive in terms of the transactions you are punching, and it will mainly be considered as non-revenue generating role. After that, if you are career oriented and opportunistic, you can have a clear path to be a Controller. That’s when the pay will be good, the stress will still stay high, but the type of work can get interesting. Don’t forget, lately if you want to be a Controller, most companies require you to be a CPA.

    I can keep talking about what after that but not sure if it applies to you. Feel free to IM.
    Jul 15 0
  • Microsoft


    You'll forever burn of jealousy when you see TCs on blind
    Jul 15 3
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      Accountants make a lot of money when they get up the ladder
      Jul 15
    • JUUL / Acctg much2learn
      Is the compensation low compared to other fields?
      Jul 15
    • Thomson Reuters / Finance

      Thomson Reuters Finance

      TC for eng is just ridiculous. As an accountant, you definitely make more than most people. Plus long term wise, the ceiling is much higher with path to being number 1 or 2 of large company.
      Jul 15
  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    Accountants often become CFOs.
    Jul 15 4
    • JUUL / Acctg much2learn
      What does the climb to CFO look like? Accountant - Senior Accountant - ??? - Eventually CFO
      Jul 15
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      You can look up bios of our cfo and one before the previous. They come from accounting. I don’t remember the exact trajectories. It’s a long road
      Jul 15
    • JUUL / Acctg much2learn
      Will do, thanks for the info!
      Jul 15
    • New / Acctg Geemoney13
      Accountant - Senior Accountant - Supervisor - Manager - Assistant Controller - Controller - Corporate Controller - CFO (I think)
      Aug 3
  • Nuveen Investments cfa
    Starting out at a big 4 will launch your finance career for the rest of your life.
    Jul 19 0


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