Career/ interview coach for aspiring Sales/Solutions Engineer!

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Jul 26 1 Comment

Hey Blind! I’m an aspiring SE (or whatever you call the technical pre-sales people at your company). I currently work in a slightly-different but closely related role (technical, customer-facing, not going to say exactly what) at Cisco and I want to make the jump to sales.

I’m pretty technical (I used to be a software engineer) so I’m less worried about that part of the interview process (I know to leetcode and study architecture). But I really struggle with the behavioral/situational interviews even though everyone at work says I have great communication skills. Rather than apply to hundreds of jobs in the Bay Area, I want to improve my interviewing skills and get into a company that I’m excited about. Do you know of any career/ interview coaches who have experience working with sales engineers or sales at medium to large companies? In person (Bay Area) or remote is ok.

YOE: 3.5
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