Career mentor needed

Jul 28 1 Comment

Looking for someone to help be a mentor a bit for my career, I actually don’t work at Nio anymore (in between jobs).

Early stage career swe person less than 3 years experience that really needs a mentor atm.

I don’t really know what I want to do, debating taking a job I’m not excited about , shift in domain area, and will force me to relocate, have had jobs/internships primarily in EV space, Tesla, robotics etc, failed over 30 ish phone screens

Anyone in the tech field who had gone through a transition like this would love to chat privately about your experience, pref from someone who’s more experienced and from a different company: really interested in Priscilla Chan non-profit, Med size companies


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  • Apple EwfF77
    How are you doing man? Did you go for a new position?
    Nov 22 0


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