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So, I am manage the dev team at a software company in Silicon Valley. It’s a midsize company with 10 billions in assets. I have 20 years managing dev orgs. I think my current conpany is signaling that I leave the role and move on. I have been searching jobs on LinkedIn and Glassdoor and connecting on LinkedIn. I am in this weird mid zone where fintechs won’t hire me cause I can’t code on par with younger people, small companies won’t hire me cause they are doubting if I will stay with them (as I have been working for big companies so far) and big companies have vendors I can’t get hold off. I have been focused in my job and family and haven’t been networking much. I already paid a professional and got resume done to no luck. What else can I do differently to get some traction in my search?


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    I have been there. It can take six to nine months to find a new position. It can be much harder if you haven’t gotten enough diversity in your experience by managing a variety of development team types (infra, platform, app dev, security/compliance, etc.

    You will likely most interesting to younger companies graduating to the mid size level you have experience with. However, if you are not up to date on modern development processes and unable to be hands on showing teams how to be agile, plan and execute you won’t easily fit with the new generation of up and coming tech businesses.

    Your best bet is to find executive recruiters and work directly with them, get the word out. Again, expect it to take 6 to 9 months to get something and expect to take a step down in both position and salary to start, if you prove yourself valuable, you can likely get bumped up in about a year.
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      Thank you.
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    Following this as I'm about your age and have never moved for many of the same reasons.
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