Career progression for solution architect at AWS

Slalom Consulting aipaec
Jul 16 8 Comments

What’s the career progression like for solution architect at AWS or similar role at other tech firms? Does it lead to more of a sales role, managerial role or something else? Any one who is/was in this position mind sharing stories or experiences?

I’m about to join as a sr AI/ML solution architect in Seattle.

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  • Splunk aintblind
    Solutions Architect role are more sales / customer focused where you would prescribe solutions to customer, build prototypes, and enable field members amongst other responsibilities.

    I ll let someone from Amazon chime in for specifics.
    Jul 16 1
    • Datometry / Eng LangEr
      Chime in. Lol. Pun intended, I hope.
      Jul 16
  • Amazon


    The spice must flow!
    Most SA stay on the technical/builder path or move into management. I've not seen any SAs go into a sales role directly (Account Manager). I've also seen some SAs leave and take a CIO or VP level position at a customer for an Ops or Engineering team. Finally, I've seen a handful move into an advocate or evangelist roles but these are very few and you have to be on your A game.
    Jul 16 2
    • Slalom Consulting aipaec
      Thanks for sharing. Are you a SA too? Wondering if staying on technical path means SA forever? Or means transitioning into dev or scientist roles focusing on long term projects?
      Jul 17
    • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
      Aug 10
  • I think it’s like an application engineer role in some companies - work with sales to help customers and build pocs etc
    What’s your yoe
    Jul 16 2
    • Slalom Consulting aipaec
      7. I’m more curious about the future of this type of role as I’m coming from consulting background.
      Jul 16
    • It’s in ur line of work then . I think you can move to tech consulting back if u don’t like it
      Jul 16


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