CMS Energy mb424
Jul 8 4 Comments

What are some good areas for a graphic designer to move into? It seems companies are only hiring graphic designers as contractors or freelancers. I’m tired of it.


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  • Microsoft / Media GqTJ43
    Gaming has a bunch of designers. Staff positions are incredibly rare.
    Jul 8 2
    • CMS Energy mb424
      I figured. What would be a good career to transition into? 7 years design experience, 5 in product design in auto field.
      Jul 8
    • Microsoft 🏂🌮🍺#
      Engineer. That or race-car driver. 🏎
      Jul 8
  • Netflix / Product Thats_It
    Ad agencies - Saatchi has Toyota. Team One has Lexus... you can look up any “agency of record” for an automotive client. Agencies are always hiring... they don’t pay like tech tho. And the hours can be egregious...
    Jul 8 0