Carlos Ghosn

Symantec Acquihire
Jan 8

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with the Japanese?

This whole case is a black eye for their justice system. Trying to browbeat an executive into signing a bogus confession without a lawyer present. Sounds more like Venezuela than a developed economy.


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  • Google l4fw9c
    Contrary to popular belief America actually has one of the less shitty legal systems out there.

    Japan is the norm, not the exception.
    Jan 80
  • F5 Networks Op64em
    The Japanese justice system could use some improvement. But not until they fuck over the man everyone agrees brought Nissan back from the dead.
    Jan 81
    • Uber kPCK48
      It doesn't matter if he brought a car company back to life or if he cured cancer, if he committed the crime, he should do the time.
      Jan 13
  • Uber kPCK48
    OP, what does the economy have to do with the courts?
    Jan 130
  • Pinterest JEJM77
    Japan has an ~99% conviction rate. I do not envy Ghosn.
    Jan 90
  • Apple sidhgffe

    Indian justice system is worse than this. I agree, USA for now, has one of the best and evolving justice system.
    Jan 80

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