Cerner employees: does your HR actually suck?

New hcPa31
Feb 6 10 Comments

Saw this post on Blind and wasnt sure if it was legitimate. Don’t want to join a company with poor HR....

Cerner employees: does your HR actually suck?


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  • Cerner UaIi83
    Cerner pay scale is very low, I would not suggest anyone to join Cerner unless they are freshers...and HR it depends on the person but personally I never had any issues
    Feb 71
  • Cerner Zenobia
    Some of what is listed is true and others is not. In my career of 6+ years, I never had to deal with HR other than while joining. During compensation negotiation, my HR was bit rude. And I haven’t seen a company in my life which doesn’t have politics. Also most of everything in this company depends on the team and manager. If they want you to stay, they will convince the HR for pay or other perks.
    Feb 60
  • Cerner blindmans
    The 48 hour minimum is a myth.. At least I've never seen it. Also, they pay you to be salary exempt they don't pay you an hourly wage.. At least not in 95% of the jobs. People that complain that they "only get paid 40 hours" don't understand what salary means.
    Feb 71
    • Cerner ? ? ?
      Do some digging on internet and you will come across instances of the famous article written by the 1st CEO and founder (Neal), that should set the record straight
      Feb 7
  • New DvVM00
    thanks for naming them and the details. good on you
    Feb 70
  • Cerner fdBf75
    I've had a successful 7+ years at Cerner and can tell you that I've rarely logged more than 40 hours. The only time you need to do that is if you aren't efficiently getting your work completed in 40 hours. There are certainly days (frequently actually) that I work late at night, but I also often show up at 9, leave at 4 and take a lunch still. It all balances out, and they are flexible enough to let me do that, which I like.
    Feb 180
  • Cerner FrT6i24
    Regarding logging extra hour thing, it is a key point that the director/hr decides if a new hire is needed or not for the team. So if you are working hard show that on your time sheet so hr will plan ahead. There is always money for new (low paid) hire.
    Feb 80
  • Cerner UaIi83
    Even though it’s not official documented anywhere, but managers do say during one on ones that it’s suggested to log some extra hours every week
    Feb 70
  • TrueCar 5fe35
    have you seen ours? 😂
    Feb 60

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