Chances of landing Apple ASIC RTL design interview?

Intel FNCX10
Oct 9, 2018 1 Comment

Couple of months ago I had initial screening with 4 different hiring managers at Apple. One invited me for onsite round of interviews, and after the onsite this manager was also willing to make me an offer. However I decided to not proceed as the role although relevant, was not what I wanted to pursue at this point of my career. Let's say it was less hands on as I would have liked. I turned down this role fairly quickly and gave very legitimate reasons that the recruiter and hiring manager seemed to buy.
Since then I haven't heard back from any recruiter and even internal referrals aren't helping. I heard from an former colleague that it's the end of financial year at Apple and managers are yet to figure out hiring targets for the next year. I have been wondering whether there is any point in pursuing Apple at this point or my time and would be be better spent looking elsewhere. Like many here, I would also love to work for Apple and am fairly confident of doing well at the interview. I would like to hear from Apple folks if I have a chance of landing a relevant interview, after turning down an offer.


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  • GlobalFoundries Bhokaaal
    Was in the same boat. Haven’t heard back from recruiters. Internally got referred manager personally called to setup the interview but never heard back. It’s probably due to business unit policy and the notes on the profile. In my case the interview went well but I got rejected for stupid reason they gave. Also, I have heard that apple has a longer cool down period if you are rejected or you reject their offer
    Oct 10, 2018 0