Changing jobs during GC process

new / Data oneatatime
Jun 9 5 Comments

My green card process has started and is at the very early stage of prevailing wage determination. Can I change jobs now if I get an offer from another company?


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  • Micro Focus / Product GWOz11
    Why would you risk switching jobs during GC process? Just get the GC and then make the move.
    Jun 9 2
  • Compass KeXR56
    What is the estimated wait time for you to reach AOS? If the answer is 5+ years, I would take a job with a company that has a development center in Vancouver or Toronto.
    Jun 9 1
    • new / Data oneatatime
      Yes, 5+ years
      This is my first job and 1.5 years into H1b
      Jun 9