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KPMG gi55pO
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Posted in the Consulting Lounge but wanted to ask here as well. I am currently an accountant and want to switch to something more tech related like Data Science...Has anyone done this before? If you have how did you make the switch? Was it through some bootcamp? Interested to know if you involved your company and they were able to financially support any further education that may be needed. Most importantly if you have switched from accounting to something else do you think it was worth it? I'm in my mid 30s. If this helps you make an assessment.


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  • New / Eng rresoisnco
    I came from accounting but went back to school for CS. Finished it in less than 2 years and honestly never looked back. I was in my mid-20s and already felt too old so I found a program that gave me credit for some of my business courses and rest I grinded through the years. Didn't take any summer time off, which I regret now because there were some really good internship opportunities I didn't take. I can say the CS degree really helped me with the fundamentals that I would've definitely struggled with if I had done bootcamp because uni is slower paced. The pace allowed me to do a lot of extra work to catch up to the other students. If I had prior experience in coding, I probably would've done a bootcamp or self study because it would've been faster. And if it's something you enjoy, being 30 won't matter much... unless you have kids to feed and can't afford going back to school?
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  • Credit Karma KredtCarma
    My friend did this. Since promoted and thriving. DO ITTTTT!
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  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    I’ve seen this happening. It’s not difficult if you’re interested in learning. Your CPA will be a plus if you’re in financial industry
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  • Bloomberg / Eng

    Bloomberg Eng

    Nope. You’d be the first. Good luck.
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