Cheap and nice car washes - Bay Area

Intel Look-up
Jan 30

Any cheap and nice car washes in the Bay Area? Not looking for premium detailing. But would like a wash/stain remover for the seats and vacuuming.

Cousin’s kids visited and spilled drinks on back-seat and went to the beach so its all sandy. :/


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  • Airo Health eooB85
    You had family come over in the Bay Area? They stayed at your 🏠? Big 🏠?TC? Correlation of TC with cheap?
    Jan 304
    • Intel Look-up
      The actual fuck! Dude.. chill out!
      Jan 30
    • Airo Health eooB85
      Correlation between actual fuck and chilled out dude?
      Jan 30
    • Inkling Systems bayareagg1
      WTH is this comment
      Jan 30
    • Genentech mmmmhmmm
      What a troll comment. HILARIOUS
      Jan 30
  • Palo Alto Networks / EngOlCI53
    1) Get a vacuum to suck up all the sand.
    2) Go buy some stain remover for car upholstry.

    This is not a big deal...
    Jan 300
  • Apple hbdeegbbot
    Most places do a good enough job. Get a coupon.
    Jan 300
  • fiVn5$!Br
    Beware of the lines, if you go to an automatic car wash place
    Jan 300
  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    Do it yourself. It’s easy. /r/autodetailing
    Jan 300
  • OneMarket ri0ts
    Get a Groupon for detail
    Jan 300

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