Checkr - How is it like to work at Checkr?

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Hello All,

I have 13 years of experience - first 6yrs as IC, lead at larger cos, last 7yrs at a bunch of early stage startups where either I was the co-founder or the first hire (most of which did average). I'm now looking to make a switch to bigger companies (its almost like a career change to be honest), I haven't been focussed on leet-coding much, but am getting into the groove now but it might take ~ 4 months to be FAANG level (given my current workload at work). I think thats slightly longer term for me.

I have an initial verbal offer from Checkr which I'm considering. Base 210k (in SF), with ~$200K (standard 4 yr cliff) RSUs at 2B valuation with a potential IPO in 4yrs at 6B valuation (thats the recruiter's pitch at-least).

I would appreciate some insights about the future of the company. How is it like to work there *these* days, and any insights into it in general. How is the work life balance? Like any fast growing startup, I'm sure it has its fair share of problems. But I'm trying to decide if being a part of the growth makes it worth it at Checkr.



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  • Pinterest neWu27
    Also curious as I have an informal verbal offer as well!
    Nov 13 0
  • Instacart / Eng moneyπŸ’°
    IPO in 4yrs at 6B seems unrealistic IMO.
    The founders already took a lot of money off the table at this point, multiple times over and don't hesitate to make false promises re: liquidity. You wouldn't cash out that much at 1 and 2B if you believed your company will be 6B...
    Also unlikely it could survive the next recession, but I really hope I am wrong here....
    That being said it is a good base and a weak grant at an average company πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
    Nov 13 0
  • Google foony
    I find the options available to be a bit limiting. That's why I prefer chess.
    Nov 11 0
  • Symantec GoRams
    Just $2k stocks?
    Nov 11 3
    • OP
      Typo, corrected with more details.
      Nov 11
    • Symantec GoRams
      Good base. Stocks are a bit low. See if you can double stocks.
      How old are you?
      Nov 11
    • OP
      Nov 11


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