Chicken soup

Roku clarencee
Apr 14 17 Comments

Why does almost every culture use chicken soup to recover from an illness? Is there something special about it?


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Microsoft Sniffit
    The sacrifice of the chicken wards off any further evil from taking over
    Apr 140
  • eBay pinnik
    In Indian culture when you are sick you almost always avoid meat till you get better.
    Apr 145
    • RichRelevance zodian
      Or die of starvation
      Apr 14
    • LinkedIn / Engganache
      Not in every part of India. In my home state mildly spiced chicken curry/broth & rice/toast is a very common food for patients.
      Apr 14
    • Microsoft UMbR31
      In Indian culture, you are given a healthy dose of "I told you not to do this" until you magically recover.
      Apr 14
    • Amazon / Admin❤Ilotr
      Because chicken can cross the road.
      Apr 14
    • Microsoft shambu
      There is no such thing called Indian culture. India is many countries.
      Apr 14
  • Amazon jefe_bezos
    It’s bland, easy on the stomach, and has enough sodium/hydration to replenish what you’re losing in snot/sweat/puke.
    Apr 140
  • IBM modelx
    >every culture
    Not sure about that.
    Apr 142
  • Tektronix BazzokaGrl
    There have been studies that show it can help with congestion.
    Apr 145

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