China has the best developers in the world ??

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May 15 22 Comments


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  • LinkedIn hgfth
    We don’t need coding monkeys. We need to identify real world problems at scale and solve them. Coding is one part of it.

    Applies to all nationalities.
    May 151
    • Amazon bCxp50
      This. "Programming" is monkey work. The real challenge is in the abstract.
      May 15
  • Facebook Confusd
    Indians be like, hold my lassi.
    May 150
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    May 150
  • They have what, 2 billion people? It makes sense
    May 155
    • Amazon vdjtkygd
      Intelligent skilled people. There are quite a few countries with large population.
      May 15
    • Not on the same order of magnitude
      May 15
    • Microsoft weirvhtd
      Look at India.. lol
      May 15
    • Logitech oXrB48
      India has skilled people but they want to underpay all. Then expect great quality for cheapest price. Not possible.
      May 15
    • Microsoft weirvhtd
      Other way around.
      India does not have good devs compared to say china or Russia. I fail to understand how infosys or tcs employees are even employable
      May 15
  • HPE / Product


    Per capita, I would have to say that Israel has way better programmers that China! I've worked with both over many years and Yes, China has some fantastic people but I have seen innovation, true innovation, from Israel more times then I can count. One other thing to consider is China is really more of a fast follower and are really good at it. You want them to match a feature of a competitor, they are 2nd to none!
    May 151
    • New jwz_hzs
      In my limited experience, I've noticed this too. For example, the high density of Israeli programmers implementing lock-free data structures for low latency stuff, and crypto work - your average engineer would be advised not to dabble there, and you don't want your code monkeys near that.
      May 15
  • Nvidia


    BlazeMaster 10K
    Let's be honest. The best ones, regardless of nationality, always come to the Valley 😎. Go USA, errr California!
    May 150
  • Adobe leeeroy
    Where’s India? I thought they were the best considering how many we see in the Bay Area
    May 151
    • Nvidia hfsah
      Most of them are imposters. I’m Indian.
      May 15
  • BluVector sparked
    Without more rich data such as the demographics and total number of participants it’s impossible to draw any concrete conclusions from this study
    May 150
  • New jwz_hzs
    A lot of the industry is still using tools that don't necessarily allow develoepr productivity to grow with intellectual effort of the developer, and in such scenarios development will eventually shift to where the cheaper labour is. One just has to look at how limited the scope of interviews at FAANG are - where's all the modern software engineering stuff?

    As long as writing 'efficient' algorithms in imperative languages remains the primary focus instead of abstractions for higher productivity, these top hackerrank devs will do better due to pure statistical advantage.
    May 151
    • New jwz_hzs
      From somewhere on the internet (removed language names to avoid flame wars):

      "The keynote will be about the two approaches used for software development today. Either as large (LARGE) projects with a lot of organization and lots of people using standard technology (Java, C++), or by a small  (SMALL) number of highly competent people using advanced technology. 

      There are cases where LARGE may be necessary, for example in developing software for cellular (mobile) base stations. But for a lot of cases, the SMALL approach is both cheaper and faster. The LARGE approach will inevitably result in outsourcing software development to countries where labor costs are cheaper, we see already that companies like IBM and Ericsson do a lot of their software development in India and China. If we want to keep a vibrant software development business in the West we need to exploit the SMALL approach and also expand it to areas where the LARGE approach is used today. In other words, we need technologies such as X and highly skilled and competent people to exploit them."
      May 15
  • Chase onlypjay
    Coding is just one of many skills,
    May 150
  • Yahoo gabdu
    Good. Israel is behind India. 😂😂😃
    May 150
  • New VreM84
    Yesa wea have da best hax0r wang
    May 150
  • Citrix Systems / Engpeda
    Indians are good CEO’s !! Become engineer just like everyone and then change to management
    May 150

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