Choosing between Yelp and Gocardless

Jun 8 7 Comments

I am considering switching jobs and I have two offers that I am considering right now. 
Offer 1 : Gocardless, London ( 85k GBP base + relocation + stock options worth around 52k GBP )

Offer 2 : Yelp, Hamburg ( 80k euro base + relocation -> better than above + 150k worth of stocks )

I am having a hard time deciding between the two since Yelp seems a good company to work for. But on the other hand, living in London is gonna be better than living in Hamburg.

More details here :


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  • Yelp


    realbitch more
    Find better companies. There are tons of companies better than those two
    Jun 14 0
  • Yelp jelp
    Yelp has an office in London too. If London location is important, get asking if it can be transferred over to London?! Can’t hurt to ask :-)

    May not be a big deal if you’re already from the EU: you can travel. Like a lot. Paris, Italy, Amsterdam etc. are all a train ride away. You can be in a different place every weekend!
    Jun 8 1
    • OP
      I won't be able to relocate to London right away but I can do that a year or two later.
      I'm not for eu so that advantage definitely does count.
      Jun 8
  • Instacart / Eng instattack
    Personally I’d choose Yelp. Not sure about the Hamburg office, but I really liked the SF one. (Plus, they offered more)
    Jun 8 1
    • OP
      What did you like about Yelp?
      Jun 8
  • Yelp Insj18
    You probably could discuss with the hiring manager the possibility of working for your Hamburg team from the London office.
    Jul 7 0
  • OP
    In your experience, what do you like about Yelp? What would be the clear advantages in terms of the work and day to day life?
    Jun 8 0


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