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Current company: TC 77k raised to 88k in november-december. love the team, commute is almost non existent. work is super chill maybe a little too slow pace. get to work on anything i want bc manager loves me.

startup 1 offer: 120K TC, but super small team. was a team of three but left due to medical issues. grew quite a bit in the last two years and want to grow the team to around 7 people but as of now thered be only two engineers. They seem to be a startup that still values some sense of wlb. super tiny, 15 total employees

startup 2 offer: 130k TC. bigger startup but get the sense of turnover is relatively high. longest tenured engineer i talked to in the interview process(6 engineers) was 2 years. they said 10 hour workdays are the average. i dont care too much about work hours since theyre startups but the thing that stood out to me was how toxic the culture seemed(according to glassdoor so who knows) 200+ employees

DMV/DC area.

i like the idea of getting stock options bc currently i feel like im working for crap since i dont have any equity. equity is probably overrated too. thoughts on three options i have?

commute increases from five mins to one hour if i leave...


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  • TD Ameritrade

    TD Ameritrade

    Boston Scientific, Accenture
    Go for the TC. Outside of TC, hopefully you will learn something new
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