Chuck Graham : Mini Dell within Microsoft

Microsoft DceH01
Jun 5 7 Comments

Why the last one got removed? He indeed hires and promotes only Dell people who got hired 2 levels than they should be. If people talk about the fact why remove the post?


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  • Microsoft kijebcjz
    This is the most disingenuous org across all the orgs I have been part of previously. The leadership is extremely weak, poor decision making across the board especially wrt to talent management- no clarity on performance based compensation, promotional criteria’s etc.! Hoping leadership changes quick and fast for the betterment of the company! Don’t know what is Rani doing about this!
    Jul 3 3
    • Dell vegita
      Why do you say that? I believed in cloud growth opportunities were very good especially at Azure...
      Jul 3
    • Microsoft Chilipeppa
      Cannot deny the growth is good but morale is at an all time low due to the blatant cronyism going on in the org. Being from Dell, vegita, looks like you’re probably coming over to join the team sometime soon.
    • Dell zircsus
      I wish that I could come there with the existing scenario. Haha. Is he screwing you over with rewards and stocks?
  • Microsoft topDawg21
    Chucky boy has been bleeding top performing talent and all are non Dell! The only people he cares about in the org are sucky boy from Taiwan and other Dell wannabes and his “chief of staff” Who is the joke of the century
    2d 0
  • Microsoft MemeGenX
    Former Dell person. Dell people suck.
    Jun 5 0
  • Dell vinayak
    Dell people rock!!! LOL.. what post are you talking about that got removed?
    Jun 5 0