Cisco New here Rsu vesting schedule

SanDisk Sky8
Apr 11 6 Comments

Started with Cisco March 12
Board meetings schedule - 3/27 , 6/5
Now I am told that my rsu grant will be approved in 6/5 not in 3/27.
Is this correct? This info is from HR and there is no document available with her when I asked.

So this is 3 months delay in schedule. In case I decide to leave Cisco before 4 years I loose 3 months RSU.

Is this correct process?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Cisco xxxxxx232
    There’s two board meetings - one in June, one in yeah, you’re not getting lied to
    Apr 11 3
    • SanDisk Sky8
      I am not concerned about getting laid off. I am concerned about delay.
      Apr 11
    • Cisco xxxxxx232
      Yeah, maybe you’re not understanding what I’m saying...

      Though you have an RSU set - it’s not official until it’s approved by the Board of Directors in a public company. That next meeting is June. Once approved, your RSUs begin to vest from that date. So after one year from June, you’ll get 25%, and then every 3 months after, you’ll get 6.25%.

      Has nothing to do with being laid off...mostly every company is like this.
      Apr 11
    • SanDisk Sky8
      Thanks.. I misread lied to -> laid off
      Apr 11
  • Cisco FrKj87
    I joined in March 1st week last year and my stocks will vest in June.
    Apr 12 0
  • Cisco 🥃”
    Might be approved and back dated three months? So your not short changed the three months, but it is Cisco so wouldn’t bank on it.
    Apr 11 0