Cisco annual increment g8

Cognizant KwwX34
Jan 6 14 Comments

Got an offer from cisco. G8 level. Want to know how annual increment works there?. HR said annual bonus will be 12%
Location San Jose. Cloud WebEx team
Base 135k
10k signing
12% annual bonus
70k worth stock / 4 years vesting.
What u guys think?

1yr US exp. Overall 4yr exp.


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TOP 14 Comments
  • Postmates j☀️
    Fix that shit software when you can please
    Jan 6 6
    • Postmates j☀️
      Don't even get started on Intel lol. Why do you think Android phones gave up on those shit processors 🤣
      Jan 6
    • Cisco 🔥RTP
      You probably deliver for Postmates. Calm down buddy — you couldn’t even make it in Cisco :(
      Jan 9
    • Postmates j☀️
      I chose not to work for that shitty company by choice. I'd rather deliver for Postmates if I weren't developing software for it ;)
      Jan 10
    • Cisco Buk Lau
      Can you bring me food?
      May 2
    • Yum! Brands X.O.X.O
      Jul 27
  • Salesforce s6ph5
    TC or GTFO.
    Jan 6 0
  • Cisco FXzH34
    No increment. Negotiate hard.
    Jan 6 1
    • Cognizant KwwX34
      Updated TC .what u think for the offer?
      Jan 6
  • Intel Intelegacy
    Do you have masters ?
    Jan 6 0
  • Intel Intelegacy
    Good offer considering Cisco standards take it up
    Jan 6 0
  • Veritas inorder
    TC offered?
    Jan 6 0
  • Proofpoint / Eng

    Proofpoint Eng

    Which role front end or backend
    Jan 6 0