Cisco, are the layoffs that bad?

New yudN51
Jan 20 35 Comments

I received an offer from a Cisco. Is it worth joining with all the layoffs being had? Someone told me the layoffs are going very seasons. >4 layoffs a year.


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  • Cisco / Other detroiooi
    The layoffs have been ongoing since early 2000s. They aren’t really that bad.

    The real problem with cisco is that it’s a complete shit show internally full of mediocre people who can’t do better. It’s where your skills go to die and where it’s a given that you should do ten PM calls with some team in India and 8AM meetings the next day.

    Also infinite blatant nepotism.
    Jan 20 5
    • Sounds like Intel. Kinda sad. Cisco was one of the "FANG" companies back in the late 90s/early 2000s.
      Jan 20
    • This ^ couldn’t describe any better. I hated the 10 pm til midnight calls to explain the same shit to my team full of contractors in India, only to learn that they will be let go since there is no budget. Then the very next day I was expected to attend meeting at 8 am with teams in Canada.
      6 months and I was so done with it that I just left.To top it all the open bias in my BU when it came to promotion and salary was such a disappointment
      Jan 20
    • Cisco Infensus
      Most valuable company in the world, beating Microsoft in 2002
      Jan 20
    • Cisco Infensus
      Also I was a contractor at Cisco with an India team. Good god those calls were killing me. Didn't realize it was widespread
      Jan 20
    • Too bad we weren’t with Cisco during its growth phase
      Jan 21
  • Cisco / Eng

    Cisco Eng

    ASIC Verification
    Its an annual festival there.
    Edit: Make that seasonal.
    Jan 20 0
  • Cisco +nt-ispklm
    ^ Terminology clarification:
    “LR” is what we call layoffs (to give it a “softer” tone—which is of no use tbh).
    Limited Restructuring.

    We don’t also say “foo got laid off”, we say “foo got impacted by the recent LR.”

    Soo politically… very correct :)
    Jan 20 2
    • New yudN51
      Wait... Cisco invented a word for lay-offs?? 😂😂😂
      Jan 21
    • Cisco +nt-ispklm
      Something like that ;)
      Jan 21
  • Cisco YEXq25
    I’m actually a member of a killer team at Cisco. My learning resources are practically limitless, my management is great, I like and respect my co-workers, the compensation is good, and work/life balance is whatever I want it to be.

    He layoffs themselves aren’t so much to reduce headcount as they are to eliminate unsuccessful areas and pivot to others. It’s been working, as the CSCO stock chart will point out.
    Jan 20 2
    • Intel Intelegacy
      Which team are you in ?
      Jan 20
    • Vudu


      Bloomberg, Polycom, L&T Technology Services
      May be in PR.
      Jan 20
  • Cisco +nt-ispklm
    Since Cisco is a big ship, you “can” (can is the keyword here) find exceptionally talented teams, fun projects, and a stable work environment.
    But the majority of Cisco is mediocre or below.
    So it depends on the team, your prospective manager
    If the manager knows her shit (most don’t) then the team will likely be good, and you can feel that in the interviews too.

    So: choose wisely.
    Jan 20 2
    • Intel Intelegacy
      It would be great if guys could share what BU/team does good or above average. It can be a good data point to accept an offer from Cisco 🙂
      Jan 20
    • Cisco kittuputtu
      Insieme and security (bldg 14 and 19) are doing pretty good. Don't join spbu(22, 23) unless you don't have a choice. From what I've heard, dcbu (I think 6) is not good either. Don't have data points on others.
      Jan 21
  • the womens bathroom at Cisco is also known as the crying room
    Jan 22 1
    • Cisco / Eng @@blind@@
      Thats bad, never heard
      Jan 27
  • If you are on a visa then dont. It impacts your perm filing etc its biannual .
    Jan 20 0
  • Cisco anony12345
    Yes. Its horrible. Plus a lot of politics goes into play. Who do you know matters much more than how much do you know.
    Jan 23 2
    • Cisco / Other endofdays9
      Getting laid off from cisco is a mercy killing.
      Jan 23
    • GE Pfvk17
      Lots of politics, long expected work hours with unqualified teams leading. Who you know trumps whatever skills you have. Was on the OPS team and it was the biggest group jump mistake I have ever made. Indian work culture is exhausting with a lot of “yes” we can do it even though another team is capable. Lots of workers shouting “green card! green card!” constantly on end. Green card more important that good work.
      Feb 1
  • Cisco Coolhigh
    Are you fresh graduate? Is your skill good? If it is then dont join. If your skill is mediocre and just want to day to day thing, then welcome
    Jan 20 0
  • Expedia Expweb
    TC or GTFO
    Jan 20 0
  • Intel Intelegacy
    How is cisco IT doing ?
    Jan 20 1
    • Cisco TLmJ57
      They did a big purge right before the holidays. So now it’s a shit show as already over worked people are expected to pick up the slack.
      Jan 22
  • Cisco desiman
    If the product you will be working on has good future you won't find any stable company than Cisco. Else it can get hard. LR are not too severe and it is based solely on the business direction. So work on a product that will sell.
    Jan 20 0
  • Get a job in the layoff team....theyve been doing it for 15 years.... laid off or offshored.

    Americans are just sales or contractors.
    Jan 22 3
    • Cisco CiscoRTP
      America is not even close to just sales or contractors...sad you’re just polluting with false info. :(
      Jan 23
    • Juniper Pliny Jr.
      Allboutda$: Ya ok buddy. You're talking out the side of your ass.
      Jan 23
    • Enjoy your layoffs
      Jan 24
  • Intel Intelegacy
    On what basis layoffs are happening? Which are the most affected BU?
    Jan 20 1
    • Cisco pj.thegame
      business restructuring. acquire a company and layoff the older one
      Jan 22
  • Cisco VijayB
    Some of the groups are pretty immune to the lay off. Certainly lot of mediocre folks, but if you are good - you may be able to make a difference and also make a good bonus.
    Jan 26 0
  • Cisco WBCg61
    Anyone on this thread a mgr. at Cisco? If so, please private message me. Have a question about stack ranking. Thanks.
    Jan 23 0