Cisco bonuses

AT&T Zmalsi
Apr 17 17 Comments

I will be getting 12% bonuses for Cisco when I join every year. Is this almost always guaranteed to be paid in full if the company is doing well?

Edit: to clarify the question. Is this bonus based completely on how well the company is doing?

TC: will be 175k
Yoe: 1


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  • Cisco FXzH34
    99% you'll get your bonus
    Apr 17 15
    • Cisco Chuckkie
      Not really. There used to be a factor which is based on your performance/ranking, customee satisfaction (how well the company is doing) etc. It's usually between 0.8 to 1.2 on average and for really good performers 1.5 - so yes that's what your bonus percentage gets multiplied with.
      Apr 17
    • Cisco Chuckkie
      ^^^ Huh just read thru the above discussion
      Apr 17
    • Cisco xxxxxx232
      Might want to read before replying... 😊
      Apr 17
    • Cognizant FlashX
      I am joining CISCO next week. Am i eligible for ESPP in the first year.? If yes, what will the price in which i will be able to purchase ?
      Jun 28
    • Cisco xbshaon482
      Yes, but next cycle starts July 1. If you aren’t enrolled by then, the next cycle would by Jan 1
      Jun 28
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    Bonuses are never guaranteed. That’s why it’s a bonus
    Apr 17 0