Cisco should be the name of a soft drink

Sep 14 5 Comments

"cis" is the sound it makes when you pop the can open.

"co" stands for cola.

I will now entertain all job offers because who wouldn't want to hire this mastermind.



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TOP 5 Comments
  • Google SundarPich
    That's some Alberson's level thinking right there. You could be a product marketing specialist for them
    Sep 14 0
  • Oracle


    Real question is WHAT’S YOUR TC?
    Sep 14 0
  • Twitter cowbnb
    Cisco should be the term for couples that have obvious gender identities.
    Cis is for cisgender. Co is for cohabitation.
    Sep 14 0
  • Google YangGang
    Question is, is there a company worthy enough to offer job to the Mastermind
    Sep 14 0
  • Microsoft SuzyQ
    As a so-called "mastermind" it's funny that you don't know this drink name already exists and is being used:
    Sep 14 0