Cisco webex interview

SAP / Engjackjack93
Feb 11 9 Comments

I have an webex interview with Cisco for the Cloud Engineer role. What type of questions should I expect?


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TOP 9 Comments
  • Amazon dollabills
    That’s in the collab BU that’s one of the better ones in my opinion. I worked at Cisco for 3 years in enterprise switching on their DNAC software app
    Feb 112
    • Cisco ABGslayer
      Feb 12
    • Cisco bitset
      How was Dnac? Are you feeling better after moving to amazon?
      Feb 19
  • A10 Networks e😂😂
    They ask very elementary questions
    Feb 110
  • Intel Intelegacy
    Which team ?
    Feb 111
  • Cisco ABGslayer
    Cisco asks leetcode medium questions for phone screens! My interviewer copied/pasted 2 questions straight off leetcode. This was also for a senior software engineering role but still
    Feb 120
  • Amazon dollabills
    You should be fine, expect linked list.. people are old school there
    Feb 110
  • Cisco jazk27
    Prepare Resume and some leetcoding
    Feb 110

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